Interior styling

We offer a full interior styling service to complete your design scheme. We source, supply and install turn key items completing the finishing touches down to the very last detail making our client's interior personal and unique to them.

We provide design and styling services for both residential and commercial projects.



We guide, inspire and collaborate to create beautiful design solutions that meet your every need.


Analog pictures

Since more than 8 years we are regularly hits the road in morocco - without a plan or a GPS - where we find inspiration and beauty in the simplest moments of everyday life that unfold before our eyes. We invite you to contemplate the richest of the present day, whether it’s a landscape, an instant, a face or a gaze they will remain frozen forever.





independent photographer for over 8 years Cyrielle Rigot remains loyal to her first and most authentic expression of the medium, by only working with film.

limited prints are available

for sale


We are Cyrielle and Julien

Known for their authentic, sincere and spontaneous aesthetic, the pair offers services in film photography and interior design, They have collaborated with brands and publishers such as Assouline, Gestalten, The Telegraph, Elle Decor, Majestic Disorder and Air France Magazine. Working exclusively on film, Cyrielle’s work invites us to contemplate the richness of the present day, whether it is a Moroccan landscape, an instant, a face or a gaze that will remain frozen for ever. Rigot Tang transport us in a world so real in emotion, it needs no artifice.

Selected prints are available for sale on appointment, at Riad Jardin Secret and online through private requests. Rigot Tang’s work ships worldwide.

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